The Garden of Discovery is a project run by Mitcham Lane Baptist Church. The church has a plot of unused land next to the existing church building which it has been wanting to develop into a space that could be used by the whole community. And we want everyone to get involved. 

We are looking to create a garden attractive to adults and children, encouraging rest, exploration, free play and care for the environment. There will be seating, areas for wildlife and planting, while use of contouring and climbable features will encourage children to create their own play. It will be freely accessible throughout the week during daytime hours. Part of the project also involves enhancements to the Welham (Allsorts) Hall which many local residents use for parties and events. This space will be refurbished and vastly improved – and continue to be available for hire. 

We have been successful at raising funding for the construction of the garden – from both external funders and church finances. However, there will be further efforts at fundraising for some garden features and maintenance.